Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2011 7:37 PM
Subject: PCL Team 8 Ball & WBCA Entry Confirmations

Hi All,

First a late thank you to all the teams and spectators who made the Third Annual PCL Team 8 Ball Championship such a success. It was a great turnout and a fun weekend. Congrats to the Overflow Bar (Dana Aldridge, Jim Davenport, and Paul Allers) from Skagit Valley on their victory! If you are interested in how the tourney went, visit the Tournament Results page to see the bracket board. Also thanks to all who logged on to the live web streaming. We had well over 1,200 total hits with 845 unique viewers. That is incredible!!! Here’s hoping no one did anything too embarrassing on camera. Thanks also to all the people involved with working the broadcasting of the tournament. Especially Adrianne Beach and Anne Bounds, who are fellow PCL members. They are taking the web streaming side of the NWPA and turning it into a company for such things. So if you are interested in having an event streamed (it doesn’t have to be pool, it can be anything), we can put you in contact with them. Once they have a web site, we will post a link to it on our site. They are also streaming the WBCA 8 Ball in this March, and a link to it will be on our web site as soon as its available.

If you are interested in seeing photos of the tournament, or watching the replays of the web streaming, go to the Photo Gallery page of our site for photos or the link.

But most importantly, there are the entry forms for Lincoln City. The three of us have been hard at work getting them all vetted, checked for errors, and entered. We want to thank those of you who read the entry form and paid by check to the WBCA. To those of you who paid by cash, or check to the PCL, you owe us $1 each for the conversion hassle. Next year the price may go up!

The list of all our players who have signed up for the tournament, plus each division entered, is now on our web site. The link is on the Home Page where the WBCA 8 Ball event is listed in Upcoming Events, or click HERE to go directly to the page. Just scroll down below the Tournament Results. Please confirm all of your info, and make sure all your teammates are also entered. It would be a miracle if there are no errors.

For those of you who forgot about the deadline, late entries will be accepted up till Monday, with a $10 fee per player per event. We will be at Shotze’s in Everett from 5PM to 9PM to take any last minute entries. After that, its too late, so sorry.

Good luck to everyone in Lincoln City, and we will see you there,

Chris, Ford, & Rose

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All Annual Memberships run from June 1st to May 31st

Annual BCA Membership...........$15.00
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Annual PCL Membership...........$  5.00

Total Annual Membership..........$30.00
Division Fee Structure

PCL Stick Fee per division.........$ 5.00
Division Manager Fee*.................$ 5.00

Total Division Stick Fee...............$10.00
Total Fees** for 1st division of the Calendar BCA year played........$40.00

Total Fees* for other divisions played in the same year...............................$10.00

* The PCL recognizes that not all Division Managers charge the same fees per player, and some room owners who double as Managers dont charge at all. While the $5.00 fee is recommended, it is not required.

** These totals do not include possible green fees or weekly fees for money leagues. Every division will be slightly different. Please contact the Division Manager for details.

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