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Sent: Monday, June 11, 2018 5:10 PM
Subject: Big Changes For WBCA 2018-19!!! PLEASE READ

Hello All,

Welcome to the new BCA as of June 1st. Everyone starts fresh all over again. But next year will be the last time we use June 1st as the deadline. The BCA is switching to Jan 1st for the deadline to simplify things. That it definitely will do in the long term, but we will all have to endure a half year of qualifying weirdness and dues paying. Details about qualifying dates have not been set for sure yet, so don’t ask please, we will pass it on asap. But we will assume the rules for 8 Ball and 9 Ball will swap, so that everyone who qualifies in the previous calendar year will be cool for 8 Ball, and the deadline to qualify for 9 Ball is up in the air. For Nationals, they are moving their tournament to the spring, and so will also accept anyone from the previous year. I know, it will be a mess for a year and a half, but please bear with us. Dave, Rose, and I will no doubt have a year of double work so please sympathize and keep the craziness to a minimum. Info about all these changes will be posted on the WBCA and BCAPL web sites as soon as they are decided, we have NO inside info. Check these places first for answers! Ask your Division Manager second!

That means there will be a 6 month period where everyone will need to pay half dues to stay eligible. That will be $20 total for the 6 month period. All stick fees will be the same. Understand that this means NO ONE will pay one more dime than usual, it is just broken up into a different time frame is all. Stay calm.

Speaking of which, we as the PCL have created a small budget surplus, and will continue to do so each year from now on. That means we will start putting money into several things. There will be more added money to the PCL Team Championship, and we will go ahead and keep sponsoring the minis in LC. We discussed stick on patches again and some other ideas. This will be decided by the League Operators and Division Managers, so if you have any cool ideas, please talk to your DM first. Tell them if we should restore the PCL Team 9 Ball. It was skipped due to no available date last year, and the turn out numbers never were very strong.

The WBCA had a big meeting in May and several things were changed. First, we have a new President in Darin Walding, with Darcy serving as VP for a term to advise. Darin has been working close with Darcy and Bill for just such a date and will be a great new officer. My experience with him has been exemplary. 

There are two major changes for 2018 LC 9 Ball. First, there are no more gender specific teams, only a Fargo rating cap. So there will be no Women’s Team division. This means the cap was lowered across the board to make it fairer. Second, for Mixed Scotch there is no longer a requirement for playing in the same league. Any Man and Woman can play with anyone eligible in the WBCA, but with one major caveat. Both players must have a Fargo robustness of 200! This is to prevent sneaking in a ringer, and to encourage you to get games into Fargo. BTW on both issues the vote was near unanimous, so get used to the new formats please. Players without a 200 robustness must continue to choose partners from within their league.

Last, due to Fargo being the new standard for all BCA activity, we as the PCL will now submit ALL league games into the system. Please fill out your score sheets accurately and legibly so we can get it right. Originally I was skeptical about Fargo, but I am now totally converted. Is it perfect? NO! But it is without a doubt way more accurate than our previous system of guessing. Plus the more games everyone has in the system, the more spot on it will become.

FYI, as Dave will tell you when you call him, 99% of your questions can be answered by looking at either the WBCA, BCA, or the PCL web site. Your League Operators and Division Managers are just volunteers and put in a ton of hours. Please do not burden us with easily answered questions. However, serious or complicated issues are always welcome. Call Dave or email myself if it is warranted. If you have a friend who is computer illiterate (or actually illiterate, lol) please pass on this info. If they are a PCL player and do not get these posts, please someone send me their current email. I send out over a thousand each time and about 150 are kicked back.

Summer divisions are starting now, so go to the PCL DIVISIONS page for info.

Thanks to all of you for making our league so incredible and continue the great playing.

 See you soon!

Chris, Rose, & Dave

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