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​Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2021 3:56 PM
Subject: PCL Team Tournament Next Month! Big Money Added.

Hi All,

We are excited to tell you that a few generous sponsors, who really want to get pool back to our area, have stepped up with donations for us to hold a Memorial Weekend 2021 tournament, to help kick start a resurgence in local league play. Not all donors want to be recognized, but we can say Paul Allers is donating a cue for raffle, and Emerald City Auto Detailing (Dave Lauer) is adding to the pot. The venue is 15th Street Grill in Auburn, and they are asking a very small fee to hold it there ALL weekend, so great on them! Right now we have, in our hands, a guaranteed $2,000 added. This is not dependent on what we get from fees or anything. It is there to be added right now. Also, this DOES NOT include any money made from Paul Aller Cues raffle, so expect even more. We are planning on about $2,500 added, depending on turnout.

The format is our normal 3 member team and playing 9 Ball. Race to be determined. The team entry fee is $120 and that will include all tournament fees. The major change is that our main sponsors have asked one requirement (that we love). This is that every team must include at least one female player. The Fargo cap is set at 1600. Start working on your roster now!

Payment will be in CASH ONLY by 9:30 AM through a team representative on the morning of the event May 29th, and all players must be present by 10 AM for start of play. Doors open at 9 AM. Rosters, Fargo rate, and Team Names MUST be sent to myself by May 27th via email to playersclubltd1037@gmail.com or by phone call to Dave at 206.595.3391. No exceptions!!! Think May 27th as your deadline no matter what. As of now there is no cap on number of teams, but first come first served.

This tournament is eligible to all PCL members from 2019-20 season to current date (CLICK HERE FOR STATS 2019-20). However new players or late returning players are eligible if they have a minimum of 200 Fargo robustness and will pay the annual dues for the BCA/WBCA/PCL of $45. If they are planning to play this year, it just means paying now instead of when you join a division, so no money lost. IT WOULD BE APPRECIATED IF NO ONE BRINGS IN RINGERS FROM OUTSIDE OUR AREA FOR A ONE TIME STEAL OF MONEY MEANT FOR OUR PEOPLE!

Please spread the word on your social media, and to those who are not in our email list. Link to the flyer is below. It will be posted on our web site and Facebook page also.

Thank you all and we miss seeing you,
Chris, Rose, and Dave

PS. Big congrats to Ford and Dan Louie being inducted into the Western BCA Hall Of Fame!! We are very proud.


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