June 8th & 9th, 2019
15th Street Grill, Auburn WA
11th Annual PCL Team 8 Ball Championship
$1,000+ Added

June 28th & 29th, 2019
15th Street Grill, Auburn WA
PNW Women's Pool Challenge
Limited to 64 players


August 3rd & 4th, 2019
Underground Sports Bar, Aloha, OR
NWPA Tour Stop #4 and NAPT Qualifier to Coupe Du Quebec
$750+ Added


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There are three of us who founded the Players Club Limited Pool League. Ford, Chris Rogers, and Rose Wilson. We had long ago decided to make a commitment to help the pool players in the Western Washington area to organize and compete. While it's been a sacrifice, it has also paid many rewards.

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We have successfully moved the date to June 8th and 9th. All other details will be the same. Let’s hope we don’t get snowed out again in June, right?

If you signed up your team prior to the old date, all Fargo ranks will be back dated and allowed. If you need to make a change, send me the details asap so I can lock in the new player. When I get any roster at all, I lock the Fargo on that date, so send them in soon.

Below is who signed up early. I know many teams were planning to sign up on the day of play, but I have no way to go back in time to look up rankings. Send your team info in right away!!! 

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Toshi Moriguchi and Gloria Villa
WPBA President and PCL Member Tamre Rogers
Rail 2 Rail provides the web streaming
Faith Morfin
Alisha Rogers sporting Ford's hat
John Te isnt fooling around
Michelle Hughes is dressed for St. Paddys Day
Philip Wilson photobombing Ford & Elaine
Dave Lauer is the meat in a Pink Lady sandwich
World Champion Dan Louie
Julie Valdez
Ed Ambo and Cassie Pinga appreciate their first BCA payout checks
Scott Perry of Two Drink Minimum
Who is the funny looking girl next to Natalie?
Damian Pongpanik, former Men's Master Champion plays in the GMC
Our annual Division Manager meeting.

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Hello and welcome to the Players Club Limited, BCA Pool League #1037. We are a not-for-profit organization of pool players in the Greater Seattle / NW Washington area who play in the BCA Pool Leagues and Western BCA leagues. We exist to help all players enjoy and compete in the great game of pocket billiards. 

First Place 
CanAm Connection
Jora Sandhu,
Brad Haydu, & Steve Holloway

The 2019 PCL Eight Ball Team Championship

Second Place 
What's The Race?
Jesse Bergman, Kelso Woodwick, James Hobbs

Third Place 
Two Pros & A Con
Jason Hecock,
Paul Purdy, & Jeff Snyder